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These groups facilitate a network of entrepreneurs and professionals in Canadian e-commerce looking to improve performance. Digital marketers and online store owners join today! - Reach of over 100,000 users a year through our electronic properties.

We are actively looking to invest in Canadian Ecommerce stores, especially those looking for ongoing assistance in digital marketing. Do you have an ecommerce store but need an online marketing partner to take it to the next level? Ecommerce Canada Group might the best avenue for you to scale with an invested partnership.

Check out Top Search Result below for more on the digital marketing efforts we can bring to the partnership.


Want to make a play in the growing Canadian ecommerce industry without starting from scratch and putting all your eggs in one basket, then send me a message and we can chat about our vision of being the number one, independent, online commerce property owner in Canada.

In addition, our goal is to actively build the Canadian Ecommerce community. Look for us on LinkedIn groups and FB pages for industry news, tips and more.

Our current partners:

Hockey By Design - - 100K users a year. Ecommerce + blog revenue. Shopify and Wordpress site. Target market: US.

Scale my Life - - Blog website with 20K plus yearly pageviews, crowdfunding campaing. Wordpress site. Target market North America.

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